My Artwork

My interest in the history of art – in particular the modern period and development of abstraction from the early 1900’s – led me to explore my understanding of the term ‘Abstraction’ and its relationship with photography.

I am intrigued by how we see; the brains automatic response when confronted with any image is to search for an anchor back to reality in order to accept it. The nature of the camera as a tool that captures real moments further defines photography as a recording medium of the real world, in contrast to painting which is an internalised process in the imagination of the artist.

I feel this automatic response during seeing diminishes and detracts from the enjoyment of aesthetics, where you can find a personal space to connect with the purity of form, light and colour in a way that opens you up to experience. Artists like James Turrell show us the power that aesthetics can have when isolated from their surroundings as subject matter within themselves, while the equilibrium of composition in Piet Mondrian’s paintings lead me use the image plane with an awareness of its ability to trick, calm or cause anxiety. It is from this space that I create my work, my concerns rooted in principles of composition while exploring ideas that evolve in each collection, moving thoughts forward into more personal work.

Arts Participation

Engaging adults, families, children and young people in the arts is my passion and I have been working in arts participation and outreach for 10 years. I have worked with many arts organisations, education providers, charities and galleries and I am currently working at Ovalhouse in the Creative Youth department where we engage young people at risk. I have been working with prisoners and their children in Holloway and Pentonville Prison for London Borough of Islington and Better Start For Families since 2010, engaging parents and children in monthly weekend workshops for relationship building and to support rehabilitation.

Venues and organisations worked in:

Museum of London, Parasol Unit, Cubitt Education, Orleans House Gallery, Islington Adult and Community Learning venues- libraries, children centres, churches, learning centres and prisons, The Hackney Community College, Croydon College and Ovalhouse.

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